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St Matthews Anglican Parish Cheltenham

Life Events


St Matthew’s welcomes all who are seeking baptism, either for themselves or for their children.

Baptism is a public celebration of new spiritual birth, and membership of the parish community. Parents, godparents and friends are important people who not only celebrate the moment, but who will support the baptised person into their future. 

Baptisms take place during the 9:30am Sunday service.

There is no charge for baptism, although many people make a donation for the upkeep and work of the church.

For more details, please contact the Parish Office on 9583 2205 or use our Contact Form.



The love between two people is precious. In marriage, that love is publicly affirmed as the couple make promises to each other before God, their families and friends.

With its soaring ceiling and unique triangular design, St Matthew’s is a beautiful, architecturally awarded building in which to celebrate the beginning of your new life together in marriage.

The first step in planning your wedding at St Matthew’s is to meet with our parish priest, the Rev’d Colleen Clayton. Colleen finds great joy in the honour of celebrating the sacrament of marriage with a couple. Please contact the parish office or use the contact form to make an appointment to speak with Colleen.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How much is the cost of a wedding at St Matthew’s?
A. The basic cost is $1000. This includes access to the church for preparation, and the priest’s time for planning, rehearsing and conducting the service.

There are additional fees for the church organist, and the use of the church hall for refreshments after the wedding.

Q:Is it a requirement for the couple to be baptised in order to have the wedding ceremony?

A. At least one person has to be baptised.

Q. Can we bring our own priest?
A. Yes, as long as the priest is an Anglican priest licensed to celebrate marriages and willing to perform the service using the prescribed Anglican liturgy.

Q. Can we have our own form of service?
A. Legally, the service must adhere to the Anglican liturgy and must be performed by an Anglican priest who is licensed to celebrate marriages.

However, provision is made to ensure your wedding is unique through your choice of music, traditional or contemporary, and in your choice of poems and scripture readings. 

A wedding blessing given by a priest of another denomination at the end of the service may be accommodated.

For more details, please contact the Parish Office on 9583 2205 or our Contact Form.

Funerals & Memorial Services

The death of a loved one is a time both for sorrow and for thanksgiving. If someone you love has died, the care of the church is available for you.

A Christian funeral holds together the grief and reality of death with the conviction of God’s love for us in this life and the next.

The vicar will meet with you and will work with you and your funeral director to plan the service. It doesn’t matter if those who gather are believers or not because God believes in us all. Through the prayers, through the people gathered and through the peace and beauty of this sacred space, God reaches out to heal and comfort.

For more details, please contact the Parish Office on 9583 2205 or use our Contact Form.