Worship at St Matthew's title
Regular Sunday worship at St Matthew's centers on
'the supper of the Lorde and the Holy Communion, commonly called the Masse' (to quote the First English Prayer Book).

Services are printed in full, with hymns, in the pew sheet (except for January services). Hymns are mainly from the New English Hymnal and Together In Song.

The lections for major festivals may be taken instead of the set Sunday lections or these are commemorated at week day masses whereby saints are also remembered.

Special Services title

Adult and infant baptisms take place in the context of the Sunday Eucharist at the 10am Mass so that the newly baptised may be truly ‘received and welcomed as a fellow member of the body of Christ.’ Those seeking baptism are encouraged to worship with us for a few Sundays before the baptism and hopefully they are able to ‘take their place in the life of the church’.

It is important that those asking for baptism understand the service and the implications of the vows (made not to the priest or the congregation but to God). Therefore this sacrament can only take place after due arrangement with the priest.
Contact the Parish Office for further details.


Marriage celebrated as a sacrament reminds us that in the service the couple are the ministers (as they are throughout their married life) - the priest is present to pronounce God’s blessing on the union. The service can take place within a Eucharist (a nuptual mass) or it can stand alone and may incorporate hymns and other music chosen by the couple in consultation with the priest and the organist. There are a number of services from which to choose but couples cannot ‘write their own’. Couples are encouraged to worship with the congregation, before and after, the event.

The Blessing of a Civil Marriage service can be provided for a couple whose wedding was a civil service and who wish to have their marriage blessed in church, in the name of God. It may also be used for the blessing or renewing of marriage vows for a couple celebrating a significant moment in their married life together. The service includes the exchange of vows and the giving and receiving of rings.
Contact the Parish Office for further details.


A funeral is an opportunity to ‘mourn a relative, to honour a departed friend, to dispose reverently of the mortal body and to show sympathy with the bereaved’ (AAPB).   
The priest needs to meet with the family to plan the service. Together you select appropriate Bible readings, any hymns/music (if appropriate), and discuss the family tributes. Consideration is also given to Order of Service booklets, flowers and other practical details.
St Matthew's can also provide a Funeral Arrangment Booklet to enable you to prepare for your own funeral.
Contact the Parish Office for further details.