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Pew Sheets title
December 2020
Sunday 13th
Third Sunday of Advent
9.30am Eucharist [PDF]

July 2020
Sunday 26th
Mary Magdalene [PDF]

Sunday 19th
Seventh Sunday after Pentecost [PDF] [YouTube]

Sunday 12th
Sea Sunday [PDF] [YouTube]

Sunday 5th
Fifth Sunday after Pentecost [PDF]

June 2020
Sunday 28th
Fourth Sunday after Pentecost [PDF]

Sunday 21st
Third Sunday after Pentecost [PDF] [YouTube]

Sunday 14th

Second Sunday after Pentecost [PDF] [YouTube]

Sunday 7th

Trinity Sunday [PDF] [YouTube]

May 2020
Sunday 31st
Day of Pentecost / Whitsunday [PDF] [YouTube]

Sunday 24th
Ascension Day [PDF] [YouTube]

Sunday 17th
Sixth Sunday of Sunday [PDF] [YouTube]

Sunday 10th
Fifth Sunday of Sunday [PDF] [YouTube]

Sunday 3rd
Good Shepherd Sunday [PDF]

April 2020
Sunday 26th
Third Sunday of Easter [PDF]

Sunday 19th
Second Sunday of Easter [PDF]

Sunday 12th
Easter Day
Lighting of the New Fire & Eucharist [PDF]
Easter Sung Eucharist [PDF]

Friday 10th
Good Friday
The Crucifixion of Our Lord: Devotions [PDF]

Thursday 9th

Maundy Thursday
Eucharist of the Last Supper [PDF]

Sunday 5th
Palm Sunday [PDF]

March 2020
Sunday 29th
Passion Sunday [PDF]

Sunday 22nd
Mothering Sunday
8am & 10am Mass [PDF]

Sunday 15th
Third Sunday in Lent
8am & 10am Mass [PDF]

Sunday 8th
Second Sunday in Lent
8am & 10am Mass [PDF]

Sunday 1st
First Sunday in Lent
8am BCP [PDF] & 10am Mass [PDF]

February 2020
Sunday 23rd
Last Sunday after Epiphany / Transfiguration
8am & 10am Mass [PDF]

Sunday 16th
Sixth Sunday after Epiphany
8am & 10am Mass [PDF]

Sunday 9th
Fifth Sunday after Epiphany
8am & 10am Mass [PDF]

Sunday 2nd
Fourth Sunday after Epiphany
8am BCP [PDF] & 10am Mass [PDF]

January 2020
Sunday 26th
Third Sunday after Epiphany
8am & 9.15am Mass [PDF]

Sunday 19th
Second Sunday after Epiphany
8am & 9.15am Mass [PDF]

Sunday 12th
The Baptism of our Lord
8am & 9.15am Mass [PDF]

Sunday 5th
The Epiphany of our Lord
8am BCP [PDF] & 9.15am Mass [PDF]

December 2019
Sunday 29th
First Sunday after Christmas
8am & 10am Mass [PDF]

Wednesday 25th
Christmas Day
9am Christmas Holy Communion [PDF]

Tuesday 24th

Christmas Eve
5.30pm Children's Crib Service [PDF]
11pm Midnight Mass [PDF]

Sunday 22nd

Fourth Sunday of Advent
8am & 10am Mass [PDF]
5pm Carol Service [PDF]

Sunday 15th
Third Sunday of Advent
8am & 10am Mass [PDF]

Sunday 8th
Second Sunday of Advent
8am & 10am Mass [PDF]

Sunday 1st
First Sunday of Advent
8am BCP [PDF] & 10am Mass [PDF]

Newsletters title
Seventh Sunday after Pentecost - 19 July [PDF]

Fifth Sunday after Pentecost - 5 July [PDF] [YouTube]

Fourth Sunday after Pentecost - 28 June [PDF] [YouTube]

Third Sunday after Pentecost - 21 June [PDF]

Second Sunday after Pentecost - 14 June [PDF]

Trinity Sunday - 7 June [PDF]

Day of Pentecost / Whitsunday - 31 May [PDF]

Ascension Day - 24 May [PDF]

Sixth Sunday of Sunday - 17 May [PDF]

Fifth Sunday of Sunday - 10 May [PDF]

Good Shepherd Sunday - 3 May [PDF] [YouTube]

Wednesday - 22 July [PDF] [YouTube]

Wednesday - 15 July [PDF] [YouTube]

Wednesday - 8 July [PDF] [YouTube]

Wednesday - 1 July [PDF] [YouTube]

Wednesday - 24 June [PDF] [YouTube]

Wednesday - 17 June [PDF] [YouTube]

Wednesday - 10 June [PDF] [YouTube]

Wednesday - 3 June [PDF] [YouTube]

Wednesday - 27 May [PDF] [YouTube]

Wednesday - 20 May [PDF] [YouTube]

Wednesday - 13 May [PDF] [YouTube]

Wednesday - 6 May [PDF] [YouTube]

Worship Letter - 9 July [PDF]

Worship Letter - 22 June [PDF]

Pentecost Letter - 31 May [PDF]

Greetings from Colleen - 3 May [PDF] [YouTube]

'In Touch'
5th Edition - Easter 3 [PDF]

4th Edition - Easter [PDF]

3rd Edition - Holy Week [PDF]

2nd Edition - Palm Sunday [PDF]

1st Edition - 24 March [PDF]

March / April 2020 [PDF]

September / October 2019 [PDF]

June / July 2019 [PDF]

March / April 2019 [PDF]

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