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Over a period of some years and various musical incumbencies, the music at St Matthew's has become predominantly congregational singing, organ accompaniment and often some communion offering from choir people who learn music prior to the 10am service.

Our Musical Director and Organist, would like to be able to expand the outreach to include more solo/duet items, and instrumental music, especially from younger people learning music; or at least young-at-heart!

This could be incorporated before, during or after the Mass, depending on type and would provide excellent performance experience as well as variety within the service.

Of course, people who can read music, have some voice and have the time commitment to attend regularly and to rehearse at 9.15am, are welcome to speak to the Organist regarding singing in the group already present.

Organ title
The original organ was built as a five-rank extension organ by Steve Laurie in 1964 for the old St Matthew's Church building, for a cost of 2,321 pounds. It was installed in a chamber to the left of the chancel, where it is reported to have sounded very effectively. The opening recital was given on May 31st, 1964 by Mr Peter Crompton, the then Organist.

"The organ was essentially a Laurie Chorale Organ, based upon three extended ranks of the basic organ tonalities: namely Principals, Flutes and mild strings." [Laurie/parish correspondence]

In 1967, for a sum just shy of $800, the instrument was moved and rebuilt in the newly completed Church where it did remarkable service, considering the greatly increased space it now had to fill. Steve Laurie was disappointed with its relocation, but in 1982 the unenclosed Pedal Sub Bass 16 [and extended Flute 8], the bottom octave of the Open Diapason, and a three-rank, 2 octave repeating Mixture [Great, enclosed] was added.

The organ was enlarged in the same year by the addition of an unenclosed Trumpet available at 8 & 4-foot pitch, on all three divisions; and a so-called Harmonic Flute 4, being an extension of the recently added Bourdon 16, now available at 8 & 4 on the Great. At this time the specification on the Swell was altered: the 2' Recorder was lost in favour of the 15th, and the Acuta which was previously 19,22 was changed to a more cornet-like 17,19, albeit with strings.

While there was some heated discussion at the time about enlarging the instrument, the extent to which the pipework speaks at close to breaking point, would indicate how far Laurie's had to push the existing pipework to make it fill a building capacity, volume-wise around three times the previous building

Written by Christopher Cook with input from Mr Robert Heatley, of Australian Pipe Organs, Mrs Sue Polites, widow of Colin Polites, sometime organist at St Matthew’s, and Mr Richard Duncan of Lauries.

Organ Specifications
Organ Specifications